Tortle Beanie - Air

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  • Helps with Flat Head Syndrome
  • Promotes Healthy Neck Muscles
  • Designed by an expert Neonatologist
  • Effective
  • Actively Shapes Baby’s Head
  • Adjustable
  • Grows with your baby 
  • Easy to put on your baby’s head
  • Fits snuggly with decreased slippage

Champion Your Baby’s Health

Tortle new and revolutionary head repositioning beanie is designed to help prevent and eliminate Flat Head Syndrome as your baby grows.

The new Tortle Lucky Elephant has several improvements that make it especially good for infants who already have flat head syndrome. It has a redesigned front opening which makes it easier for you to place it correctly on baby’s head and redesigned side tabs for improved fit. It also has a slightly larger and contoured roll to better deflect a baby’s head off the flat spot.

We’ve also added some ‘silicon dots’ to the inside facing to help prevent slippage. The silicone dots on the inside of the Tortle are similar to those found on yoga and athletic gear, and they will help keep the Tortle positioned correctly on your baby’s head. They may leave small marks on your baby’s skin. This is normal. They are temporary and they will disappear shortly after the Tortle is removed.

When you first place a Tortle on your baby, he or she may fuss and seem not to like it. This is natural, especially if your baby is not used to wearing a hat. The Tortle may also cause them to fuss because it is preventing them from resting their head in the position that caused the flat spot or Torticollis in the first place. Most babies adjust quickly to their new head position and adapt well to your repositioning practices.

The Lucky Elephant promotes your child’s healthy development with the most advanced positioning aid for the management and prevention of flat head syndrome. By actively deflecting your baby’s head to different areas while they’re lying against a flat surface such as a mattress, car seat or stroller, the Lucky Elephant gently reshapes your baby’s head.

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How to select the right size Tortle based on your baby Head Circumference and Weight

Size Head Circumference Beanie
Small 0-2 months
Tortle Air
Medium 2-4 months 15-16.5"
Lucky Elephant
Large 4-6 months 16.5-18"
Lucky Elephant
Size Weight Head Circumference
Small 0-2 months
5-10lbs 13-15"
Medium 2-4 months
10-15lbs 15-16.5"
Large 4-6 months
15-20lbs 16.5-18"

Best way to fit a Tortle Demo by Dr Jane Scott

  • PREVENT & CORRECT FLAT SPOTS: Tortle is the low-cost, active solution to an epidemic among infants — flat head syndrome. The repositioning beanie is designed to help correct and prevent flat head and its associated medical problems. This device expertly provides your baby with repositioning care and support so that they will have the best chance of healthy development.
  • HOW TO USE: Simply slip the beanie onto your baby’s head with the roll placed between the back of the head and one of baby’s ears, and fasten the hook-and-loop opening on the front. Next, adjust the side elastic straps by pulling them forward and securing them in place. With the help of the straps and the non-slip-grip silicone dots, the cap will stay in place.
  • SIZING: This innovative cap comes in 2 convenient sizes: medium and large. The medium is for children with a head circumference of 15” to 16.5” (usually 2-4 months old), and the large is for children with a head circumference of 16.5” to 18” (usually 4-6 months old). It takes time for the baby to become familiar with the product. Respositing the head will help to overcome the problem but they will often experience some initial discomfort. THIS MEANS ITS WORKING!
  • REPOSITIONING TECHNIQUES: There are a variety of repositioning techniques you can use along with this corrector beanie for quicker results. Consider alternating where you place their head each night. You can also move your newborn’s crib to different parts of the room. Placing a mobile in different places on and around the crib may also help so they won’t rest their head in the same position.
  • TORTLE: As a mother and a doctor, Tortle’s creator, Dr. Jane Scott, knows that new parents have enough to worry about — Dr. Jane herself is a mother of four! She knows first-hand the fear that permeates the parenting experience, which is why she set out to design a device that would help relieve some new-parent worry and promote health and wellbeing in new babies.