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Thumbs up from us

“If I could go back in time I would buy a MIMOS pillow as soon as I noticed my baby had a tendency to sleep with their head in a specific position as I do believe it would prevent any [Flat Head Syndrome] issues. The pillow itself is breathable unlike the clevamama which always made me a bit nervous.”

Dee - Verified buyer

Best investment we have ever made

“Best investment we have ever made! At 3 months old we noticed that our daughter is developing flattened skull on one side. After reading a lot of information we decided to get this pillow and so happy we did it! She is now 2 and her head is nice and round. We used the pillow for a year, in bed, cot, pram, playmat and we could notice differences after a little while. It is expensive but so worth it! I wish I knew sooner, would have used it from day one!”

Vaddy - Verified buyer

It really works!

"It helped to improve the head shape and most importantly my little one loved it! It feels very safe and is worth every penny you pay for it.we bought next size from eBay to safe money as these pillows are expensive."

Maria- Verified buyer

Extremely Breathable!

"I was a bit nervous buying this pillow given the price and also some of the 1 star reviews but we really can be any happier.Our baby who is 5 months has started to get a flat head as he always sleeps in his right, we have tried everything and to try and encourage him to rest his head in the opposite or up right position but nothing has worked to date. This pillow does the trick, time will tell if it also fixes the light flatness on one side. This pillow was recommended to us by his cranial osteopath and after just three nights of use we see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is expensive but we feel worth every penny as it’s given us some peace of mind."

Dave - Verified Buyer