Safe T Sleep - SLEEP WRAP & Head Wedge

Helps prevent cot/crib/bed accidents, wriggly babies rolling, climbing and falling !

The Safe T Sleep® SLEEPWRAP® giving newborn to 2 year olds natural movement and importantly helping prevent: baby/child sleep time fatalities and bed injuries; preventing plagiocephaly/flat head syndrome; giving a safer, more comfortable, restful sleep.


HEADwedge to help prevent Flat Heads

The little Safe T Sleep HEADwedge - suitable for newborn to approximately 6months old. It is used together with and underneath the mattress wrap part of the Sleepwrap this helps to ensure a lovely head shape for baby and normal brain development.

Remember to turn your baby's head to alternate sides at each sleep.

The little Safe T Sleep HEADwedge helps parents to stabilize the head position on alternate sides and also reminds parents which side they last turned baby’s head to. 

Simply slide the HEADwedge WELL underneath the mattress wrap part of the Sleepwrap beside baby's head and underneath the shoulder .


Helps prevent your baby:

  • Rolling onto their tummy.
  • Crawling under bedding.
  • Becoming jammed in a corner or a bed end.
  • Getting tangled in the bedding or swaddling.
  • Makes any swaddling (love to dream wrap) and baby sleeping bag use cosier and safer
  • More comfortable, restful and safer sleep
  • Helps maintain a more secure, snug sleeping position
  • Helps keep face and head clear reducing the risk of suffocation
  • Safely positions babies with reflux, colic, colds
  • Peace of mind for you
  • Helps prevent flat heads when used with the little Safe-T-Sleep HEADwedge
  • Safer side sleeping for baby
  • Allows all natural, comfortable movements
  • Great for visiting, air travel, camping and boating
  • Suitable for newborn to approximately 6months.

Safe Sleep for babies and peace of mind for you.