Craniometer with 10 Elastic Bands

 Product Description

This measuring device has been designed specifically to measure cranial deformities in babies from premature stage to 2 years old.

  • Design to measure cranial deformities in babies (unique baby friendly design with no Sharp edges)
  • Can be used to monitor the progress of the baby flat head syndrome
  • Lightweight, easy to read and measure
  • Durable, non-toxic material (ABS plastic)
  • European CE approved Medical device (CE0051))
  • Objective measurement use by Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and Chiropractors
  • Measure CVA (Cranial Vault Asymmetry ) without the need to find the 30 degrees from midline reference points.

Free Downloads

Plagiocephaly Severity Chart - Determine the severity of plagiocephaly and know when medical attention is required.

Download [PDF]

Brachycephaly and Dolichocephaly Severity Chart - Understand the severity of brachycephaly or dolichocephaly.

Download [PDF]

 Instruction Manual Download - please send request

Measure and Monitor of Baby Flathead with Mimos Craniometer

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Customer Reviews

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Liana Harutyunyan
Amazing product. Like it so much.

Thank you so much. They are high quality. I like them them so much.

João Carmo

Good quality, fast and good service

Alex Bidlake
We have been recommending MIMOS products for quite some time!

We are the leading Plagio/Brachycephally manual therapy clinic in Herts. We have been recommending MIMOS products for quite some time! We use Craniometer and bands to assess and measure plagiocephaly and monitor improvement. We find the combo of the Craniometer and bands absolutely fantastic and easy to use.

Clinic Director & Osteopath

Pricey confidence and reassurance.

"As parents, this gives you the confidence you are being proactive for a very serious problem with the Back To Sleep campaign. The NHS will always say it's aesthetic and will resolve itself with repositioning - but this alone doesn't feel enough - this pillow is soft, breathable, and gives you the confidence that the pressure on their head is reduced and able to grow out uniformly more quickly... and not get worse. We shuddered at the price, and wish we bought one sooner, even two. You'll find yourself moving it from the cot to the pram, to the cot, etc. We contemplated helmet therapy - but felt this was quite an aggressive solution. Our little one has borderline mild/moderate plagiocephaly... depending on whose scale you use. It's stressful, but we're hopeful, as mimos also sell a craniometer so we can not only see improvement, we can measure it.