Non-Stretchable Head Circumference Measuring Tape for Babies

How to Measure Baby Head Circumference 

Head Circumference or OFC (Occipital Frontal Circumference) is measure over the most prominent part on the back of the head (occiput) and just above the eyebrows (supraorbital ridges). This can be translated to mean the largest circumference of the head. 

Children under 4 years normally have their head circumference measured and plot on the UK-WHO growth charts and assessed for abnormal head size or shape.  If abnormalities of head shape or size suspected, please consult a specialist for investigation. This is to rule out the possibility of brain growth disorders or raised intracranial pressure. 

Using standardised methods of measurement, including plotting measurements on a standardised growth chart, ensures accuracy and consistency when making referral decisions.

To accurately measure head circumference of a baby, a simple and tools is needed.

i) First, the measuring tape must be non-stretchable. 

ii) It is suggested that tape be 7 to 13 mm wide.

iii) Ideally an "insertion tape" with colour-coded marking is used to provide ease of reading (without overlapping the edges of as normal tape measure).

iv) The tape should have 1mm increments resolution. 

Our non-stretchable Lasso-o measuring tape meets all the criteria and has been used for research and clinical purposes. 


correct way to measure head circumference with insertion measuring tape


 Re-Usable LASSO-O Head Circumference Measuring Tape 

  • Accurately measurement of a baby's head circumference -  to the nearest millimeter.
  • Re-usable LASSO-O, Unique Paper-thin, Non-stretch, Non-shrink plastic ‘synteape’. (Easily wipe down and re-use)
  • Ideal use to measure head circumferences, where measuring with either material (sewing) tape or paper tape is inappropriate.
  • Thanks to its accuracy and ease of use, our Lasso tape has been used for research and clinical purposes.
  • Colour-coded markings for ease of reading - results in metric (cm).
  • Support Child Growth Foundation.
  • One measuring tape per pack.
  • Come with a user guide.

Product Description


With the re-usable Lasso-o, the healthcare professionals and parents can measure any circumference to the nearest millimeter. It is manufactured from paper-thin, non-stretch, non-shrink plastic ‘synteape’. It is most often used to measure head circumferences, where measuring with either material (sewing) tape or paper tape is inappropriate.

Because of their accuracy and ease of use, Lasso-o are now being used for research as well as clinical purposes: the recent MAFF and Department of Health National Diet and Nutrition Survey used the tape for taking both head and mid-upper-arm circumference measurements (MUAC).

Size selection based on head circumference measurement

For Mimos pillows sizes: XS, S, M, L, and P

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Head circumference tape. Quality product

I’m a retired health visitor. My Grandson was born recently via a forceps delivery, his health visitor and midwife both declined to measure his head despite his mode of delivery. I ordered the tapes so that I could monitor him. They are accurate easy to use and comfortable for the baby.. it also helped to reassure an anxious Mum. Instructions for the measuring technique were very clear.

Super quick delivery

Product as described. Very quick delivery!

Tony Ridley

Great service quality at a reasonable price thank you