Safe T Sleep® Baby Sleepwrap®

Helps prevent cot/crib/bed accidents, wriggly babies rolling, climbing and falling !

Helps prevent your baby from...

  • Rolling onto their tummy.
  • Crawling under bedding.
  • Becoming stuck in a corner or a bed end.
  • Getting tangled in the bedding or swaddling.
  • Pulling themselves up in the cot/crib.
  • Trying to climb out or falling off the bed.


  • Makes any swaddling and baby sleeping bag cosier and safer
  • More comfortable, provides a restful and safer sleep
  • Helps maintain in a more secure, snug sleeping position
  • Helps keep face and head clear from suffocation risk
  • Safely positions babies with reflux, colic, colds
  • Sleep better with the peace of mind that your baby is a safer environment
  • Helps prevent flat heads (when used with the HEADwedge)
  • Facilitate safer side sleeping position
  • keeping baby safe without restricting all the natural movements and motor skill development
  • Great for visiting grandparent, traveling, caravan and boating trip
  • Suitable for newborn to approximately 2 years old.

SIZING: (based on mattress size)

MINI :         

-  Fits: mattresses 37cm wide x 2.5cm deep. 

- e.g. Bassinet, small bedside crib, pram, bassinet, Moses basket & carrycot

- Age guide:Newborn - 6 months old



-  Fits: mattresses 70cm wide and approximately 12cm deep.

- e.g. Standard UK, EU, NZ and USA Crib, Cot and Cot bed

- Age guide: Newborn - 2 years old



- Fits: standard bassinet, pram bassinet, carrycot, Moses basket.

-  Cot and Cotbed plus standard single bed (ideal for Boat or caravan trip)

-  Age guide: Newborn - 2 years old



-  Fits: standard and large cot/crib, portable cot

- Single, Small-Double, Double and standard King size bed

Age guide: Newborn - 2 years old


mattress size guide


The Safe T Sleep® SLEEPWRAP® giving newborn to 2 year olds natural movement and importantly helping prevent: baby/child sleep time fatalities and bed injuries; preventing plagiocephaly/flat head syndrome; giving a safer, more comfortable, restful sleep.


Safe Sleep for babies and peace of mind for you.