Mimos Pillow Bundle Offer - Pillow and a Cover (Grey)


Mimos Baby Pillow Highlights:

  • Flat head syndrome pillow clinically proven to prevent and reverse Plagiocephaly
  • Unique cavity cradle allows space for your baby’s soft skull to regrow
  • Breathable design allowing airflow at all times 
  • Comfort in all positions with even pressure distribution
  • Prevents suffocation and keeps your baby’s temperature regulated
  • The Mimos flat head pillow for babies is loved by leading clinicians

The Flat Head Sydrome Pillow By MIMOS is Designed to Treat, Prevent & Reverse Positional Plagiocephaly

While the corrective positioning of your babies head may work well up to the age of 3 months; after this age, it can become very difficult to alter your baby's sleeping position.

MIMOS pillow eases the pressure on your baby's head and has been shown to get great results, particularly when introduced before 6 months of age.

Clinically proven to prevent and treat flat head syndrome in babies and is highly recommended by doctors and physicians, internationally

We are proud to boast the following accolades :

1: European CE Approved - CE Class-I Device;
Airflow Safety - Anti Suffocation TUV Certification;
3: C02 Rebreathing Safe - Tested in UK and US Lab and confirmed
4: Textile Safety Certification - Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 safe for Baby;
5: Recommended by Healthcare professionals around the world and by Medical Experts;

Airflow Safety - Anti-suffocation TUV Certification

CO2 Rebreathing Safe - Tested in US Lab and Confirm by Medical Experts

British Standard BS 4578: Airflow through Infant's Pillows

Europen CE Approved - Class I Medical Device

The MIMOS pillow is highly recommended by doctors and physicians internationally.

Which MIMOS pillow is the right size for my baby

Mimos Pillow for flat head syndrome comes in 5 different sizes for every stage of a baby’s growth. To determine the size of your baby, we recommend you measure the baby’s current head circumference. For premature babies, please use adjusted age (estimated due date). Warning: None of the sizes is intended for use on an incubator.

Size Head Circumference
Size XS Less than 37cm (premature)
Size S Between 36 to 46cm
Size M
Between 42 to 49cm
Size L More than 49cm (18 months above/toddler)
Size P 
Between 36 to 46cm (Pram, Sleepyhead Deluxe, Sleep Pods, Moses Basket)

Measuring Head Circumference

Proper positioning of measuring tape: Widest Circumference, avoiding ears.

Where are Mimos Baby Pillows made?

Mimos Pillows are Handmade in Barcelona Spain by an ISO 13485 registered manufacturer (Quality Management System for Medical Device).

Does the Mimos Baby Pillow help with Flat Head Syndrome?

The Mimos Pillow is designed to prevent positional plagiocephaly and is clinically proven to prevent and treat the baby flat head syndrome. For best results, we advise using both the Mimos Pillow and a number of other medically-advised techniques together.

Is the Mimos Baby Pillow Allergy-Free?

Yes, the Mimos Baby Pillow is made of anti-Allergenic material with Oekotex 100 Class 1 certified for direct baby contact.

Can I use Mimos Pillow together with my baby’s bouncer, cot, car seat, and stroller

The Mimos Baby Pillow can be used anywhere when the head is resting on a flat surface, even if is a soft flat surface. We have a specific pillow size for using in a stroller or car seat - ‘size P’. Simply select ‘Size-P’ from our product page to purchase the correct Mimos Pillow.

How long does delivery take?

Shipping within the UK is by Royal Mail Signed For service

  • Tracking # will be sent to you via email.
  • Orders are usually fulfilled 24 hours after your purchase (excluding weekends & holidays).
  • Orders will usually arrive within 2-6 business days.

Experts Love Mimos

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely love this pillow! Within weeks I saw my baby’s head shape improve!


the pillow case and pillow came a week apart

Laura Carr
Excellent service

Excellent service really fast delivery

Shannon Roberts
Great Product!

Our son was starting to favor one side while he slept and it of course had an effect on the shape of his head. It was mild compared to most cases but we wanted to intervene as soon as possible however we could to prevent having to do a helmet in the future.
So far we’ve notice a significant positive change to the shape of our sons head and it’s only been 2 weeks.
As a bonus our son loves sleeping with this pillow!
Would def recommend and will be purchasing the next size up when ready.

Dear Shannon,

On behalf of Team Halo-Care, I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for taking the time to share your experience with the Mimos Pillow.

Your glowing review fills us with immense joy and satisfaction. We're delighted to learn that our pillow has played a significant role in positively shaping your son's head and providing him with comfort during sleep. Your proactive approach to addressing the issue early on is commendable, and we're honoured to have been part of your journey towards promoting your son's well-being.

It's wonderful to hear that your son enjoys sleeping with the pillow, and we're thrilled to know that our product has become an integral part of his bedtime routine.

Thank you for your kind words and for recommending our product to others. Your confidence in our brand means everything to us, and we're committed to continuously delivering high-quality products that make a difference in the lives of our customers.

If you ever need further assistance or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Warm regards,
Team Halo-Care

Mimo pillow

My 3 month old ended up with a very flat left side head due to favouring turning to her left but also sleeping on her back as advised to reduce SIDs risk, we're hoping this pillow can help /stop it from getting worse! Baby seems to enjoy this though so hoping to see results soon